Saturday, November 12 – 6pm – 8pm
$12 members/$15 non-members
Grades 6+ 

Join us for physics fun, pizza, and fandom at the MESS Hall at the first ever Pensacola MESS Hall Time Traveler’s Convention!
Construct (and keep) your own working spectroscope to view atomic phenomena. Recreate a particle and wave experiment with laser light. Demonstrate a Quantum Eraser and send information backward in time*!

This is a cosplay-optional event (appropriate for 10 and up)! Wear your favorite homage to fiction, history, science, or fantasy! What better way to spend a Saturday than playing with time next to The Doctor, or experimenting on quantum particles with a Creeper? Maybe Princess Peach will build an excellent spectroscope!

Pre-registration is a must! Space is limited, even if space-time is not.

*Quantum Eraser only sends information backward in time if the Copenhagen Conjecture is correct.  We won’t know if it’s correct until we understand the nature of causality.