Class is full.

Grades 5-9
Thursdays, 9 am – 11 am
13 weeks, beginning Jan 22
$180 member/$225 nonmember

Our Hands On Science for Home-school is based on a curriculum from the Johns Hopkins Talent Identification Program and covers a full-year science curriculum suitable for grades 5 through 8 (extensions can be given as homework for older students). This class is the second semester of a 2-semester course, but new students are welcome! Each week, we will meet for 2 hours of hands-on lab work at the MESS Hall. During this second semester, we will cover the periodic table of elements, Lewis Dot Structures, electromagnetism, an introduction to calculus and radioactive decay!

The class will be led by two instructors, providing an opportunity for more individualized instruction.

Each week, students will be assigned reading and additional work outside of class. Students should expect to spend 2 to 3 hours a week working outside of class time. Tests are provided optionally and may be graded at home or by the instructor.

This is a drop-off class, and parents and siblings will not be able to stay in the exhibit area during this time. If your student is attending the afternoon session (Simple Circuits/Simple ‘Bots), they will be supervised and can bring a brown-bag lunch for the 1-hour break between classes.

In addition to class fees, students will each need to purchase a workbook and each family will need one text book.