During the early Eocene Epoch 50 million years ago, the earth was a very exciting and different place. The world was essentially ice free, warm oceans teeming with life extended from the North to South Pole, and lush tropical forests spread across the land. Across the rich grasslands and forests, mammals began to thrive, and the oceans were giving rise to one of the mightiest lineage of predators ever to live on planet Earth – the mega-toothed sharks. Come explore the ecosystem of the shallow tropical sea that covered much of current Florida and Alabama. Join us at the MESS Hall as we dig through fossil rich Eocene marine sediment. Uncover shark teeth, sting ray, sawfish, turtle, fish, and other marine fossils that you get to keep. Experts will be on hand to help identify your finds as you start your own fossil collection. 

This program is brought to you as part of Foo Foo Fest 2016.

Program is included with admission. Space is limited – preregistration recommended.