Science on the Street

Science on the Street | November 1 – 12

Can you really believe what you see? Do you trust your senses? Join the MESS Hall during Foo Foo Fest to explore the Science of Illusion through interactive programming.

All ages will question reality and their perceptions of the world at Science on the Street, through interactive, unique exhibits located on Palafox Street  near the intersection with Government Street. These exhibits will be open to the public throughout the duration of the Festival.

In addition, special Sidewalk Science Sessions will engage passersby in exploring how perception underpins the way we see, feel, think and understand the world with facilitated hands on activities and demonstrations.

Times for the Sidewalk Science Sessions are:

Saturday, Nov 3: 12 noon – 1 PM, 6 PM-7 PM

Sunday, Nov 4: 12 noon – 1 PM

Tuesday, Nov 6: 12 noon – 1 PM

Friday, Nov 9: 6PM -7PM

Monday, Nov 12: 12 noon – 1 PM

Investigate! Mystery Theater

November 8, 2018 | 5:30PM | $30/person | Ages 21+

Use your powers of observation to solve the mystery during this interactive theater experience. Set in a early 1920’s speakeasy. An artifact has been brought in to be appraised from the excavation of King Tuts tomb, but does his curse follow? Between Murder, the Mafia, Moonshining, Mystics, and the supernatural, this mystery will take everything Detective Gunn has to solve the case.

Part “mystery dinner theater,” part “escape room,” this will be an unforgettable MESS Hall experience. Tickets available online.
Period attire: Glad Rags encouraged!

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Presented by Improbable Cause Mystery Theatre