The Pensacola MESS Hall is proud to present Science on the Street as part of Foo Foo Fest 2017. Palafox Street from Garden to Main will be transformed from an ordinary sidewalk to a stroll through the history of science. This year, every station will incorporate an interactive element highlighting scientific advances from Pythagoras to today.  Maps to guide your stroll will be located at the “present day” sign at Bodacious Olive or you can print your own (to be posted soon). The activities will be installed for the duration of the festival, from November 3-14, twenty-four hours a day.


Many thanks to the businesses who are hosting our stations

Blue Morning Gallery
Studer Community Institute
Scott Lunsford Tax Collector
Artel Gallery
Bubba’s Sweet Spot
Sam Marshall Architects
Don Alan’s
McAlpin Interiors
Susan Campbell Jewelry
Bodacious Brew
Bodacious Olive

Science on the Street Events

Build & Brew
November 7 | 6-8pm | Seville Quarter | 130 E Government St

Do you remember the sense of satisfaction you felt after hours of Lego construction or using random objects around the house to build towers as high as you could?  And now you’re grown, but you still have that creative and technical side of you just waiting to come back out for another night of building. Construct with materials, familiar and new; and bring a partner to take on quirky building challenges and win cool prizes. Meet us in “Apple Annie’s” and come play for free!


Trivia Night: Invasion of the Geeks
November 8 | 7pm | Goat Lips Chew & Brewhouse | 2811 Copter Rd 

Your favorite Trivia Night is getting taken over! Love science? Looking for an outlet for the extra nerdy “useless knowledge” you never get to use at parties? Drop in for Trivia Night: Invasion of the Geeks to prove your knowledge of science topics and history, at Goat Lips Chew and Brewhouse November 8th, 7pm!


Screening of Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit With Marie Curie
November 9 | 6:30pm | IHMC | 40 S Alcaniz St 

As one of the world’s most renowned scientists, two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Sklodowska Curie is best known for pioneering the field of radioactivity–including discovery of one of the first successful radiation treatments for cancer–but few understand the obstacles she faced just to get into the laboratory.
What if she could tell her story?
Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit with Marie Curie invites audiences to meet Marie Curie as she recollects her quest to isolate two elements– polonium and radium. From her childhood in Poland to groundbreaking research in France, Dr. Curie shares the struggles, failures, and triumphs behind her scientific discoveries and remarkable collaboration with companion scientist and husband Pierre Curie.
Masterfully portrayed by living history scholar Susan Marie Frontczak, Humanity Needs Dreamers is the cinematic version of the acclaimed one-woman theatrical show. As an immersive living history film, this unique format breaks the wall between live theater and cinema, past and present, scholar and performer.