Use hidden forces all around us to make things move. Special programs include build your own light saber. Special guests are the 501st Legion – Vader’s Fist on Saturday, June 27.

Special Programs

501st Legion – Vader’s Fist – Saturday, June 27th 12pm-1:30pm
Members of the all-volunteer, Star Wars Imperial costumed 501st Legion are joining us to explore the MESS Hall! Join the fun right next Darth Vader and other classic Star Wars characters, brought to life with detailed costume replicas!

From noon to 5 PM, visit Watto’s Workshop. Harvest parts from discarded electronics, discovering how they work and looking for treasures. Who knows–you might find a hyperdrive generator.

Workshops (pre-registration recommended)

June 23rd – 2 pm: Build a Lightsaber – ages 8 and up – $4/$5 member/non-member – FULL

Take the next step to becoming a true Jedi by building your own light saber. Participants will learn basic circuitry as they light an LED for their simple saber model.

June 24th – 9 am: Tinker Tots – ages 3 – kindergarten – $4/$5 member/non-member

Explore the forces of gravity and magnetism in this workshop for young learners and their caregivers.

June 25th – 2 pm: Build a Hovercraft  – ages 8 and up – included with admission – FULL

Learn about traveling on a cushion of air, just like Luke’s Landspeeder on Tatooine. Participants will build their own hovercrafts.