Investigate the principles of flight with this week’s programs and mess kits including paper helicopters!

Special Programs

Ken Blackburn – July 18th – 2pm
Join us for a presentation on paper airplane design by Ken Blackburn. Blackburn has held the World Record for paper airplane time aloft and is the author of numerous books on paper airplane design.

Workshops (pre-registration recommended)

Plutopalooza – July 14 – 2 pm – Deep space whispers
Celebrate New Horizons probe’s closest approach to Pluto on July 14. Explore tools for hearing from billions of miles away. Included in admission. Recommended ages 8 and up. In addition, we will live stream from mission headquarters throughout the day.

Cathy Olkin, deputy project scientist for New Horizons, emphasized the mission’s dive into the unknown: “We’ve never been to Pluto. We don’t know what we’ll find.”

Tinker Tots – July 15– 9am – 9:45am
Young learners and their caregivers explore the fundamentals of flight by building kites. Ages 3 – kindergarten – $4/$5 member/nonmember per child (caregivers free).

Hot air balloons – July 16 – 2 pm
Build your own dirigible while learning about air and buoyancy. Included in admission. Recommended ages 8 and up.