Bugging Out - June 7-13

They crawl, fly, sting, creep, bite, build, destroy, and annoy. Come learn about insects, the little things that run the world, during Bugging Out Week at the Pensacola MESS Hall June 7th through 13th. This week’s mess kits and programs focus on these fascinating creatures. Examine live insects up close, using microscopes. Explore insect vision and bodies. Visit anytime for open exploration. For even more discovery, join us for the following special programs:

Special Programs

Insect World Presentation – Tuesday, June 9 at 2 PM
Doug Wymer,  local entomologist and dean at Pensacola State College, will provide a general overview of insects and bring some of his personal collection, both live and dead, for exploration.

Workshops (pre-registration recommended)

June 11 – 2 pm: Log Dissection Workshop – ages 6 and up – included with admission
“Home is where the log is.” Take a guided tour to discover the insects, plants and fungi that live inside a log!

June 13 – 2 pm: Flower Dissection Workshop  – ages 6 and up – included with admission
Explore the structure of flowers and understand how insects and flowers work together to bring us delicious fruits and vegetables.