Marvelous Math Week June 24-29

Don’t groan–math at the MESS Hall is always fun! Join us this week as we feature special math mess kits and demonstrations. Every day at 2 pm we will have special programming:

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will have a mathemagic show, wowing you by using math.
    Friday we will have a design challenge – building bridges.
    Saturday and Sunday we will make bubble prints to explore geometry.
    Also on Saturday at 2:30 we will have a special presentation that adapts the grain of rice folk tale with Lego bricks. Come be amazed by how fast the Legos accumulate with exponential growth.

Also stop by or visit our Facebook page for a chance to estimate the marbles in the jar. The winner will be chosen at random from the correct answers (or the closest answer) and will receive either a t-shirt (if they entered at the MESS Hall) or a free admission (if they entered on Facebook). Get calculating!