Summer Camp 2017 | Pensacola MESS Hall

Summer Camp 2017

Summer camps at the MESS Hall are a great way for your child to explore a new science topic and have fun.

Registration is now open!

Camps spots are limited — sign up soon to ensure your spot.

2017 Summer Camp Guide

Camps are broken into grade levels, and not all themes are offered for each level. Grade levels are grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9
Register for the camp appropriate to the grade your camper will enter in Fall 2017.
Grade level divisions are based on social and physical (fine motor skill) development. All students, regardless of their academic prowess, will experience a fun and academically enriching experience.

Camps are half-day camps.
Morning sessions – 9 a.m. to Noon
Afternoon session – 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Participants should bring a snack for all sessions.
*Extended and single day options during May 30-June 2, 8:30am – 3:30pm.

Price per week long, half-day camp:
Members $100.
Non-members $125.

Price per week long, full-day camp (9am-4pm):
Members $200.
Non-members $250.

Price per single half-day, morning/afternoon camp (available May 30-June 2 and July 5-7):
Members $20.
Non-members $25.
*Extended day (May 30-June 2 only) adds $25, or $20 for members.

What to expect:
Each day, participants will engage in different activities related to the week’s theme. Classes will be led by a key instructor, and there will be an opportunity for special presentations by others. While there will be a curriculum, classes will respond to participants’ interests, allowing extended exploration of topics. Enrollment is limited to 16 students per camp.

Date 9am-Noon grd. 1pm-4pm grd.
May 30 – June 2 TEC Studio* 1-6 extended day available
June 5 – 9 Maker Studio 4-6 Maker Studio 7-9
June 12 – 16 Inventor’s Workshop w/ FCAC 4-6 Inventor’s Workshop w/ FCAC 1-3
June 19 – 23 Materials Matter w/ FCAC 1-3 Materials Matter w/ FCAC  4-6
June 26 – 30 Rockin’ Out 1-3 Electricity/Wire It Up!  4-6
July 5 – 7 Toys/Games Unplugged 1-3 Toys/Games Unplugged 4-6
July 10 – 14 Engineer the Story 1-6
July 17 – 21 Space Explorers 1-3 Space Explorers 4-6
July 24 – 28 Pirates! Ahoy! 4-6 Materials Matter 7-9
July 31 – Aug 4 Robot, Set, Code 1-3 Robot, Set, Code 4-6

* Extended day available 8:30am – 3:30pm

Camp Descriptions







Electricity/Wire It Up!: From static to magnets all the way to circuitry and electromagnets. Get deep into making electrons flow.
Engineer the Story: Take an engineering stroll through stories. Make the pages of a book come alive by planning and building items used by the characters.  √
Inventor’s Workshop: Do you have what it takes to innovate? Can you evaluate a product and then turn it into something new and improved? Try your hand at the creative world of engineering innovations. This camp provides engineering challenges, but also leaves room for campers to attain the skills needed for product innovation. First City Arts for a full day camp.  √
Maker Studio: Get a hands-on experience with tools and techniques needed for making a variety of projects. All grade level will focus on learning proper tool use as well as various techniques useful in the maker world. While project ideas are encouraged, instructors will have many possibilities for the week.
Materials Matter: Explore the world of material science with smelting, building walls, and so much more! Grades 1-3 will explore other materials and their suitability for building and constructing. Grades 1-3 and 4-6 are a full day camp with First City Arts. Grades 7-9 is half day camp.
Rockin’ Out: Investigate the world of geology and earth science. Includes a field trip to St. Michael’s Cemetery to view the weathering of different types of stones.
Pirates! Ahoy!: Ahoy mateys! Join us for a swashbuckling time as we explore the science of sailing, from tying knots to navigation to marine biology. Might include a field trip to Pensacola Historic Village.  √
Robot, Set, Code: Mix computer coding and robots for a week of delving into what makes a robot go. Both unplugged and plugged activities are planned with either Dash and Dot or Lego Mindstorms.
Space Explorers: Do you have what it takes to tackle space exploration? Train like an astronaut, study like an astrophysicist, and command your own mission to explore a planet.
Tinker – Explore – Create Studio: TEC Studio begins with a story to set the stage for creative thinking. Construct something from the pages of a book and test it out in varied situations. This camp includes time exploring the museum floor and mess kits with possible walking field trips. ** During 5/30-6/2, single day sign-up and extended hours available!
Toys/Games Unplugged: Take apart toys to figure out their inner workings. Make your own toys. Plan, create, and play your own games. Or, explore a brand new game and play it! Single day sign-up available!