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Programs & Camps

The Pensacola MESS Hall offers a variety of camps, classes and program throughout the year.

Summer Camps – a variety of topics to dive into and discover during the summer.
Registration is now open! Visit our Summer Camps 2017 page for themes and sign up info.

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The following workshops, except those marked Tinker Tots, are held at 2 PM on the indicated day and are included with admission. Space is limited for many, so preregistration is recommended. For programs that are recommended for grades 4+, you may preregister students entering grades 4+. If there is extra space on the day of the event, children in younger grades can participate as part of an adult child pair.
Tinker Tots is for children ages 3-kindergarten and their caregivers. These programs are held from 9-9:45AM and cost $5.60/$7 member/nonmember per student.


June 24 – Paper Airplanes – Great Paper Caper
Fold your own high flier or trickster and discover new designs along the way.

June 27 – Design a Plant – Empty Pot
Dissect flowers to learn plant anatomy and then design your own fantastical plant.

June 29 – Mythical Beast Genetics -Fantastic Beasts
Simulate the genetic engineering of animals to figure out how to create your own fantastic beast. Recommended grades 4+

July 5 – Archeology – Indiana Jones
Discover the stories in artifacts and prepare to defend yourself from the unexpected on the dig by throwing an atlatl. Recommended grades 4+

July 6 – Microscopic Worlds – Zoom
Look into the world of the very small as you explore the life in a drop of water. Recommended grades 4+

July 8 – Topology of Knitting – Extra Yarn
Investigate the mathematics of the everyday as you learn the fundamentals of knitting

July 11 – Telegraph – ET
Phone home with your own telegraph machine. Recommended grades 4+

July 13 – Flying Carpets – Aladdin
Build your own craft that travels by floating on air. Recommended grades 4+

July 18 – Brains! – Zombies
Diagnose the damage done to a brain to create the behaviors of zombies. Recommended grades 4+

July 20 – Exponential Growth – One Grain of Rice
Grow the supply of Legos through the magic of exponential growth during this presentation.

July 22 – Make Paints and Paintbrushes – The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
Create your own paintbrushes and dyes with natural materials.

July 25 – Engineer Animals -Crickwing
Engineer animals out of natural materials

July 27 – Bats! – Stellaluna
Learn more about these creatures of the night during this special presentation

July 29 – Map Making – Henry’s Map – Tinker Tots
Layout a model of your room to explore spatial relations.

August 1 – Optical Illusions – Opt: An Illusionary Tale
Create your own optical illusions

August 3 – Design Challenge – Rosie Revere Engineer
Build and persevere like Rosie Revere in this design challenge.

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