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MESS Hall To Go

Looking for some ideas for things to mess around with at home? Try one of these MESS Hall To Go activities.

Math of Multiples Trick
Astound your friends with your ability to guess their number.
Coffee Cup Pendulum
Can physics keep the cup from hitting the table?
Precarious Forks
Amaze everyone with this feat of balancing forces
Hand to Hand
This touch illusion is sure to surprise!
Blowing out Candles
No breath needed to extinguish!
Celery Colors
Investigate plant stems
One Brick: Exponential Growth
The power of doubling
Candy Colors
The beauty of diffusion
Cup Challenge
A robotics concept with cups,
string and rubberbands 

Disappearing Penny
A “trick” by bending light

Capillary Action
Explore materials and forces with water
Don’t Let It Spread
Modeling infectious disease
with an interactive game
Map the Coast
Modeling with pen and paper
Pinhole Viewer
A simple contraption models
properties of light
Smiling George
A $1 illusion!

Pocket Solar System
Visualize scale and relative
distances in our solar system

Solar Motion
Build a model to explain the seasons
Strawberry DNA
Extract and examine actual
DNA at home
T-shirt Challenge
A unique, full-body puzzle
Tower of Hanoi
A classic puzzle, developed
for playing at home 

Curiosity Captured Nicole

This series of videos features Nicole, a MESS Hall educator, learning more about a variety of science topics.