Exhibits | Pensacola MESS Hall


The MESS Hall is an open-exploration science center with a number of permanent exhibits and other hands-on activities that are always changing, and cover a variety of subjects.

Mess Kits

When you visit the MESS Hall, you will explore exhibits to discover something about topics like magnetism, ecology, engineering, and physics. Also included with your admission is our Mess Kit counter, where you can “order up”  single-serving science activities from the menu.  Some activities will have you experiment and problem-solve, where as others will challenge you to get creative – and you’ll get to take your creation home! We keep a sampling of kits on-hand that are great for most ages, and are perfect for families to work on together. Come explore chemistry, materials science, brain-teasers, engineering, and more, in a hands-on way!

We are constantly developing these kits, so no visit to the MESS Hall will ever be the same.


Some of our permanent exhibits include:

Wind Tubes

Create objects out of everyday materials and watch how they interact with moving air.


Explore how moving water shapes the environment.

Marble Run

Build a ball track with tracks, funnels, and other components.

Keva Planks

Engineer your own creations with thousands of uniform blocks.


Make your own artwork using the periodic motion of pendulums.

The Green Room

Log Dissection Workshop

Explore natural science, including geology and mineralogy, plants and animals, and fossils! Investigate even closer with the table-top Micro-Eye microscope (generously donated by International Paper).