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Teacher Newsletter

To enrich your student’s science experience, the Pensacola MESS Hall has a lot to offer. From open exploration or in-depth themed field trips to classroom workshops and science shows, there is a lot to know! That’s why, once a month, we’ll send you our Teacher Newsletter to keep you updated on our programming. Learn about booking field trips, get details about a featured program, and let us tell you about hot topics in science news and hands-on activities for you to share with your students.

If you have any questions or comments, the best way to contact us is at groups@pensacolamesshall.org. Tell us what you’re looking for to supplement your students’ science education.
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January Teacher Newsletter

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Things to Know

  • We will be at Raise the Bar Conference at Washington High School on 1/12/2019. Come visit us with your questions about our programming!
  • Dates are filling up fast for spring semester Field Trips. Visit our page today to learn more and book your class today!.
  • Summer Camp Registration opens for members on 1/22/19 and for non-members on 2/1/19 for everyone. New for this year is Lab Ratz, where kids take the lead to explore their curiosity about math, engineering, science, and stuff.
  • Gulf Coast Science Festival is March 30, 2019. Bring your class for Field Trip Day March 29th!

Featured Program

Finding Math in Every Day is an educational series of four, 30-minute lessons that seek to show students & teachers how to find math concepts within storybooks. Includes 1-hour teacher training session held at the school, plus 4 classroom programs led by MESS Hall staff. Each session begins with a story, encouraging students to make observations and predictions. All activities incorporate math vocabulary and are aligned with Florida educational standards. Targeting Pre-K and Head Start Classrooms.

Praise for Finding Math in Every Day:

“The MESS Hall staff provided excellent, engaging age-appropriate challenging activities which promote a lifetime love for learning!!!! Thank you!! “

“It addressed several subjects in a lesson and kept the student engaged the entire time. I also like how it required students to problem solve.”

Email groups@pensacolamesshall.org to learn more and schedule a series for your school.

Gulf Coast Science Festival


Join us on March 30th for the 2nd Gulf Coast Science Festival! This Festival will feature a variety of science- and technology-related activities, all with the goal of inspiring curiosity, experimentation, and creative problem solving by both adults and children. Visit GulfCoastScienceFestival.org for a full list of events. 

Field Trip Day

Bring your students to Field Trip Day on March 29th, 10AM-Noon for an exclusive experience with fun hands-on activities, science demos, and encounters with our area’s scientists! Geared toward middle school students, admission is free, but pre-registration is required. Email us at groups@pensacolamesshall.org to sign up!

Science News Brief

Ice Filled Crater on Mars is Permanent Winter Wonderland

The Korolev Crater near the north pole of Mars has filled with a mound of water ice 60 kilometers across and nearly 2 kilometers thick! This year-round water ice was found by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft, which has been orbiting the red planet since 2003.  It is thought that the crater traps a layer of cold air preventing the ice from melting even during the six-month-long northern summer on Mars.

Classroom Science Activity

Hinged Mirror 

Using pattern blocks and mirrors, bring a new dimension to angles and geometry.


  • Pattern blocks or shapes cut from colored cardstock
  • Hinged mirrors


Choose a pattern block shape.

  1. Nestle it into the hinge of the two mirrors so that the mirrors are touching two sides of the block.
  2. How many copies of the shape do you see?
  3. Make a symmetric pattern with more blocks and the mirror.

Mess Around:

  • Move the mirrors closer together, what happens to your pattern?
  • Can you make 8 copies?
  • Try to construct a snowflake pattern.
  • Design a flower.
  • Measure the angle using a protractor. Can you find the relationship between the size of the angle and the number of reflections?

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