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Teacher Newsletter

Enrich your student’s science experience with the Pensacola MESS Hall. From open exploration or in-depth themed field trips to classroom workshops and science shows, there is a lot to know! Each month, the Teacher Newsletter highlights upcoming and featured programs. This month, enjoy this hands-on activity curated for you to share with your students.

July Teacher Newsletter

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Things to Know

Teachers, we want to help you. We know you are navigating changed classroom set ups, restrictions of classroom visits, and a Fall with no field trips. The Pensacola MESS Hall has virtual field trips to enrich the classroom experience for Fall. If allowed by the district or your school administration, we can also send our instructors into your classroom for a hands-on experience. With optimism as our guide, we are taking reservations for Spring 2021.

We have spent the Spring and Summer of 2021 delivering these virtual and in-person experiences. Now featuring Water Works, suitable for grades 3-5.

  • Water Works-Students will take an exploration of the properties of water while doing hands-on activities to investigate surface tension, buoyancy, refraction, hydrophobic materials, and freezing point.

For kindergarten through 2nd grade, we offer Moonbear’s Shadow, an exploration of light and shadows with a literature connection.

We’ve also made registration easy for you.  Pick a date that works for your class. We’ll adapt our program to fit the guidelines of the time.

Request a Program

If you have any questions or comments, the best way to contact us is at groups@pensacolamesshall.org. Tell us what you’re looking for to supplement your students’ science education. 

Science Activity

Check out this quick science activity from out Take Away Kits, supported by a grant from the Voya Foundation.
Trick your eyes with optical illusions with this classic exploration of how our eyes and brain work together.

Blind Spot – ToGo Kit Booklet

For more optical illusions, visit Optics4Kids.org

More Information

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