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Teacher Newsletter

To enrich your student’s science experience, the Pensacola MESS Hall has a lot to offer. From open exploration or in-depth themed field trips to classroom workshops and science shows, there is a lot to know! That’s why, once a month, we’ll send you our Teacher Newsletter to keep you updated on our programming. Learn about booking field trips, get details about a featured program, and let us tell you about hot topics in science news and hands-on activities for you to share with your students.

If you have any questions or comments, the best way to contact us is at groups@pensacolamesshall.org. Tell us what you’re looking for to supplement your students’ science education.
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February Teacher Newsletter

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Things to Know

  • Book a field trip for the 2019-2020 school year by requesting field trip dates. Visit our page today to learn more and book your class today!
  • We can come to your school. No buses required. Check out what we can offer at your school.
  • Gulf Coast Science Festival This is a is a FREE celebration of science in our community. Visit the expo day with your family, Sat March 28, Seville Square from 10am – 2pm.
  • Sustainability. That is our focus in 2020. We are making a conscious effort to reduce consumable materials used during in-school stations and the “stuff” that comes home from a field trip. You’ll notice less going in your school’s trash cans and left around the classroom.

Featured Program

Educational Outreach

Let us bring the MESS Hall to you. Book the MESS Hall for an assembly style science show in your cafeteria or auditorium. We can enhance the impact by setting up activity stations for classes to visit following the show.  Science shows are 30 minutes, followed by 1 hour of hands-on stations. Fee: $250 for up to 2 classes; $75 for each additional hour of hands-on exploration. 

Get Going with Gravity | Grades 1 – 3
Air Show | Grades 3 – 5

We also offer in-class workshops for grades kindergarten through grade 2 and, the after-school favorite, Family Science Night.

Book a program today!
Visit our Outreach page for details and info on how to book a progam.

Science News Brief

Color-changing  fibers  help  reveal  mysteries of  how  knots work.

Some knots are stronger than others, but scientists have struggled to explain why. Now, with the help of color-changing fibers, researchers have developed simple mathematical rules that can determine the relative strength of various knots.

Mathematicians at MIT found that three characteristics could explain a knot’s strength: the numer of times a strand is crossed, whether strands twist in opposite directions, and the direction strands slide as a knot is tightened.

Want to know more? Read the full article on ScienceNews.com.

Classroom Science Activity

Magic Knot 


  • A length of rope or string, 3ft to 5ft in length


  1. Place a rope (3ft to 5ft) in front of you. Grasop the rope with both hands.
  2. Without letting go or using individual fingers, tie a knot!
  3. Unsuccessful? Trying doing Step 1 in different ways.

MESS Around

  • Try changing the way you initially grab the rope.

What’s going on?

An active area of mathematics is topology, the study of geometric shapes and interconnections. Knot theory is one branch of topology. The knot being tied here is a very simple knot, the overhand knot, but even recent research is investigating how the number of loops affects the strength of the knot.
Throughout math and science, one of the most critical things that must be considered is the initial conditions. The initial conditions can affect the final outcome. In this activity, the wrong initial conditions can never result in a knot, but the correct conditions can give the final knot.

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