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Teacher Newsletter

Enrich your student’s science experience with the Pensacola MESS Hall. From open exploration or in-depth themed field trips to classroom workshops and science shows, there is a lot to know! Each month, the Teacher Newsletter highlights upcoming and featured programs. Included are a science news brief and hands-on activity curated for you to share with your students.

If you have any questions or comments, the best way to contact us is at groups@pensacolamesshall.org. Tell us what you’re looking for to supplement your students’ science education. Click here for a list of all School Programming.

May Teacher Newsletter

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Things to Know

  • The MESS Hall museum is currently closed to on-site visits. Please contact us with any questions about previously scheduled programs.  Groups@pensacolamesshall.org
  • The MESS Hall seeks to inspire curiosity and empower you to explore science with your family and students, despite the challenges and set-backs we are all encountering. Enjoy hands-on activities you can do at home with common household materials and engaging demonstrations by following our Facebook and Instagram.
  • Visit our MESS Hall To-Go page for themed activities that can be shared at home or with your students.

Featured Program

No permission slip required. The Pensacola MESS Hall is now offering virtual events to keep your students curious and doing hands-on activities. These virtual events allow our educators to lead students in real-time through hands-on activities and take a deep dive into a particular topic, without ever leaving their homes. We can host these on the web meeting platform that works best for your classroom. 

Grades pK-2 : Tinker Tots
Young learners are natural scientists. Tinker Tots provides young scientists with a guided exploration of a science concept including a short story and hands-on activities. 

  • Moon Bear’s Shadow – Learn about shadows, light, astronomy, and positional math vocabulary. This program focuses on light and shadow and was developed in collaboration with a NASA workshop. Kids will explore and discover how the position of the light affects the size, shape, and position of the shadow upon the surface while helping Moon Bear try to lose his shadow.
    • Time: ~30 minutes 
    • How many: ~2 classes 
    • Fee: $50 for up to 2 classes
    • Materials lists and Zoom meeting registration will be sent in advance

Grades 2-5 : Choose from 3 themes

  • Water – grades 2-5 – Investigating the properties of water combines physics and chemistry. 
  • Light – grades 3-5 – Brighten your day with these experiments. From the visible to the invisible, see more as you learn about light.
  • Math Mindbenders – grades 3-5 – Math is more than numbers. Go on a geometric journey!
    • Activities are best for ages 7+
    • Materials lists will be sent in advance (uses common household materials)
    • Via Zoom or other common virtual platforms (we can help you set this up)
    • Time: approximately 1.5 hours
    • Fee: $50 for up to 2 classes

Sign up today at this link: https://form.jotform.com/201076329437960

Need help to take advantage of this opportunity for your students?
The Pensacola MESS Hall is seeking funding through a grant and donors to help pass on mini-grants to classrooms in our community for virtual field trips. If you are interested in the mini-grant and receiving a free, live and interactive Virtual Field Trip with the Pensacola MESS Hall, please fill out this form. Once awarded a mini-grant, expect to schedule your virtual field trip as soon as possible.

Science News Brief

NASA astronauts Andrew Morgan and Jessica Meir, and cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka landed on Earth in the country of Kazakhstan on April 17th, 2020, after their time aboard the International Space Station, which is nearing the 20th year of continuous human presence on the spacecraft.

All crew members receive post-landing medical checks.  Morgan and Meir will board a NASA plane for a flight back to Houston, TX, USA. Skripochka will return to his home in Star City, Russia. 

Remaining aboard the station is the three-person crew of Expedition 63 with NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy serving as station commander and Roscosmos’ Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner serving as flight engineers.

Learn more about space station activities by following @space_station and @ISS_Research on Twitter as well as the ISS Facebook and ISS Instagram accounts.

Read the full article here.

More Information

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