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Take Away Kit Extensions

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Kit 1

Mobius Strip –

Paper Helicopter


  • Use your cups, string, and paper clips to make some noise with a cuica!


Kit 2


  • Try a few other Tangram shapes
  • Make your own Pentominos and make images with them

Code Wheel

Jumping Jack

  • Use cardboard and fasteners to make Linkage toys

Hop Over

Kit 3

Aeolian top

Pecking bird

One Cut Tree

Nine Men Morris

Alien Periodic Table

  • Learn about the elements in the periodic table

Kit 4

Lines to Curves

String Finger

  • Learn more about Spring Flamingo, the robot housed at the MESS Hall that inspired this activity
  • Make a full hand using the same principles

Pocket Solar System

  • Explore our solar system with NASA
  • “Travel” to exoplanets, planets outside our solar system

Blind spot