Summer Volunteers | Pensacola MESS Hall

Summer Volunteers

Are you curious about the world around you? Do you want to share your passion for science with others? Apply for a high school volunteer experience at the Pensacola MESS Hall for this summer! 

We are offering two experiences this summer: Visitor Experience Volunteers and Camp Counselors

Visitor Experience Volunteers

Visitor Experience Volunteers will enhance the visit of families at the Pensacola MESS Hall. Activities will include serving mess kits, answering questions, presenting Daily Demos, facilitating Design Challenges, and more. Participants will receive training on effective communication and the opportunity to help improve MESS Hall programming.

Summer Camp Counselors or the Counselors-in-Training program.

Camp Counselors (high schoolers entering grades 10-12) and Counselors-in-Training (middle schoolers entering grades 8-9) help make a difference in our summer camp program. Participants will work with MESS Hall staff to enhance the programs for our camp students. Counselors will even have the opportunity to lead their own activities with the students!

Who should apply?

Escambia and Santa Rosa middle school (CITs) and high school students (Counselors or Visitor Experience Volunteers) who are

curious about the world around you via the math, engineering, science lens
interested in communicating with younger students and learning through play


Attend day of training on May 24
Assist in one week of camp or general operations
Attend end of summer wrap up gathering


Experience working with young learners
Learning new science through teaching
40 service hours upon completion
Choose a camp or week that interests you and works with your schedule

Program Schedule

Counselors: 8:30 arrival, 4:30 departure, Monday through Friday for week of camp
Visitor Experience Volunteers: 9:15 am arrival, 5:15 pm departure, Monday through Friday for program week.

APPLY HERE BY May 3, 2019

Recommendation by non-family member required. Make sure to ask for that in advance!

Contact Sarabeth Gordon