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School Programs

The Pensacola MESS Hall offers a variety of programs that will enhance your science curriculum for the year. From general field trips, aligned to grade-level standards, and themed fields trips, to science shows and visits to your classroom. Outreach programs are suited as both in school and after school experiences.

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School Field Trips

Students can visit the MESS Hall to explore our exhibits, enjoying open exploration along with several special stations for more in-depth engagement. Choose from Grade Level Field Trips or Themed Field Trips, where we focus on a particular science concept and include a special presentation.

Themes Include:

Grade 1 Theme – Intro to Engineering
Grade 2 Theme – Tall Scientific Tales
Grade 3 Theme – How to Measure a Song
Grade 4 Theme – Air Show
Grade 4 Theme – Engineering 101
Grade 5 Theme – Robotics Unplugged
Grade 5 Theme – Mission: The Universe

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Classroom and Outreach Programs

Can’t come to the MESS Hall? We can come to you with a variety of programs to enhance science education. For more details on these outreach programs below, visit the Outreach Programs page.

Science Shows

Bring science to life with these interactive demonstrations for your cafeteria or auditorium. Ask us about activity stations to follow the show!

Intro to Engineering (grades 1-3)
How to Measure a Song (grades 3-5)

Classroom Workshops

MESS Hall staff come to your classroom and lead your students through hands on science discovery.

Math in Everyday (pre-kindergarten)
Tinker Tots (kindergarten – 2nd grade)

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Family Science Nights

Bring students, teachers, and parents together to explore hands-on science stations in your school gym or cafeteria.
For the Main Attraction, we supply the equipment for ten stations.
Already having an event? Book our Science Station or Astronomy Night Add-Ons to enhance your own program.


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