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MESS Hall Makers

MESS Hall Makers Open Lab

To participate, parents must sign a waiver, and then students will be provided a link to sign up for sessions. Participants must have a family memberships unless it is their first visit.

Heard about the Maker Movement? It’s a collection of people and ideas related to getting people­­ kids and adults­­ making things again. It’s technology, it’s art, it’s sewing, it’s soldering, it’s arduino, it’s robotics….

Our Maker Open Lab time at the MESS Hall is a time for teen­-directed projects and making. We provide tools, a box of parts and help. Our Makers are programming games, building robots, designing board games and cos­play­­ and acquiring the skills they will need for years of Maker projects to come.

Open Lab is from occasional Saturday afternoons from 2:30-4:30 and the first and third Tuesday of each month from 2-4:30 (with some exceptions–make sure to check the registration form for available dates). Parents can drop ­off or stay. Advice and help is available from staff and volunteers during the lab. But kids are also encouraged to help and learn from each other. Often the most expert voice on a topic in the room is a teen maker. Teen Makers will be using real tools­­ — electric drills, soldering irons, glue guns, hammers, 3d printers — and they will be required to follow safety rules at all times in the lab.

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Check out this TED Talk by one of the founders of Maker Faire, below!