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Get Involved

Get Involved

Pensacola MESS Hall membership is affordable and does indeed have its privileges, including discounts on camps, free guest passes and more. While many of the activities are aimed at elementary and middle schoolers, everyone who comes hungry to learn will leave satisfied. Even very young children find interesting things to investigate, and older children and adults enjoying participating, too.

We’re always looking for energetic and talented people to volunteer at the MESS Hall. If you  like the idea of dishing up a scholarly spread that kids can really dig into, then the MESS Hall is the place for you. Volunteers prepare mess kits and provide guidance on the scientific methods of observation, experimentation and interaction.

Like many worthy causes, we rely on the kindness of others, so if you’d like to help out even more, please make a donation. Your generosity will help us nourish young minds and satisfy their natural hunger for knowledge with an appetizing menu of challenges, tasks and experiments served up just the way they like it.

Want to learn more about the MESS Hall and our impact on the community? Join us for our Up & Atom Breakfast.