Exhibits | Pensacola MESS Hall


Science and literature are not two things, but two sides of one thing.

–  Thomas Huxley

Introducing: Science of the Story

For Summer 2017 the MESS Hall has been transformed into a land of stories. All new exhibits make stories, both old and new, come alive, with a science twist. Help Jack jump over the candlestick. Pour a cuppa at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Cross Heimdallr’s bridge to bring color to a monochromatic world. Create your own story at our animation station. And more.

Each mess kit, too, engages story fans in discovery. From nursery rhymes to Greek mythology, from classic literature to new picture books, each imaginary world challenges us to explore and create, all strengthened by a bit of science.

This exhibit is only here for a limited time: May 27 – Aug 26. Let the MESS Hall be part of your story this summer!

Do you miss our regular exhibits, below? Stop by the branches of the West Florida Public Library or the Pensacola Airport to visit the exhibits this summer.

Wind Tubes

Create objects out of everyday materials and watch how they interact with moving air.


Explore how moving water shapes the environment.

Marble Run

Build a ball track with tracks, funnels, and other components.

Keva Planks

Engineer your own creations with thousands of uniform blocks.


Make your own artwork using the periodic motion of pendulums.