Upcoming Events | Pensacola MESS Hall

Upcoming Events

WFPL & NASA: Meet the Moon Rocks
June 11 | 2pm – 2:45pmVisit the MESS Hall on June 11 at 2PM for an up-close look at Moon rock and meteorite samples visiting from NASA, presented by the West Florida Public Library.

Enjoy hands-on experimentation with lunar impacts, edible geology, volcano and soil science, and more.

Included with admission, for everyone 3+.

Global Rocket Launch
50th Anniversary of Apollo 11
July 16 2019 | 2pm

Join the worldwide celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch by launching your own rocket! Begins at 2pm. For ages 6+, included with admission.

Shipwreck Science with FPAN
July 25 2019 | 2pm

Special guest, Mike Thomin of Florida Public Archaeology Network, presenting underwater archaeology, boat building, and shipwreck science! 2pm – 3pm

For ages 6+, included with admission.


Homeschool Field Trips

Registration available soon.

Dates for 2019-2020 below. These programs begin with an interactive science-show, followed by hands-on stations exploring monthly topics.  There is no charge for chaperones; Groups should plan for at least one chaperone per 5 students.

September 17, Tue
10AM – 11:30AM
 Sound $8/student
October 16, Wed
10AM – 11:30AM
 Chemistry $8/student
November 20, Wed
10AM – 11:30AM
 Ecology $8/student
January 16, Thu
10AM – 11:30AM
 Planet Earth $8/student
February 11, Tue
10AM – 11:30AM
 Electricity $8/student
April 8, Wed
10AM – 11:30AM
 April Showers $8/student
May 7, Thu
10AM – 11:30AM
 Light $8/student

Note that field trips are not included with member benefits. All students are $8 each. Preregistration required.