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Upcoming Events

Curiosity Days

Each month, we present focused hands-on activities related to a special theme. Come in from 1pm to 4pm to enjoy these activities, curated for learners ages 6+ and included with admission.

Admission is $10 for ages 3+, and free for annual MESS Hall members.

September 28, 2019 | Weather | Build and test tools for measuring the weather. Investigate what causes our changing environment.
October 19, 2019 | Fossil Day | What lies below the surface? Join us for a fossil hunting workshop (register online) and get a firsthand look at what they can tell us about the past.
November 11, 2019 | Space | The planets have aligned to make this Curiosity Day an out of this world experience. We will begin early with a chance to view a rare Mercury transit of the sun (next occurring in our area in 2049). Inside, learn more about our solar system, investigate how scientists are finding planets outside our solar system, and imagine the life that might be there.

Questioning Corner

Questioning Corner engages young learners in age appropriate exploration related to special themes. Activities are geared for learners ages 3-8. Programs are from 10 AM – noon and included with admission.

Admission is $10 for everyone 3+, free for MESS Hall members.

September 14, 2019 | Sound -| Listen – what do you hear? Explore ways we make and hear sounds
October 12, 2019 | Ecology | Look closely at nature to discover the hidden patterns. Categorize and analyze living things?
November 2, 2019 | Space | Bring the sun, moon, and starts down to Earth with hands-on activities that encourage observing, predicting, and investigating.

Homeschool Field Trips

Pre-registration required.

Dates for 2019-2020 below. These programs begin with an interactive science-show, followed by hands-on stations exploring monthly topics.  There is no charge for chaperones; Groups should plan for at least one chaperone per 5 students.

Homeschool Extended Hours – Tuesday, August 27, 2019 | Open at 10AM, calling for homeschooling families to explore together – stay all day.  $10/person, ages 3+

September 17, Tue
10AM – 11:30AM
 Sound $8/student
October 16, Wed
10AM – 11:30AM
 Chemistry $8/student
November 20, Wed
10AM – 11:30AM
 Ecology $8/student
January 16, Thu
10AM – 11:30AM
 Planet Earth $8/student
February 11, Tue
10AM – 11:30AM
 Electricity $8/student
April 8, Wed
10AM – 11:30AM
 April Showers $8/student
May 7, Thu
10AM – 11:30AM
 Light $8/student

Note that field trips are not included with member benefits. All students are $8 each. Preregistration required. For theme descriptions, please visit the homeschool programs page.