Families | Pensacola MESS Hall


With a variety of open-ended exhibits, the Pensacola MESS Hall offers fun, interactive learning experiences for all ages. Special workshops and programs and a changing menu of mess kits mean that your family is sure to discover something new and exciting with each visit.

Our summer camps and school break camps are a great way to keep the learning going while school is out!

We are located in downtown Pensacola with convenient onsite parking. Be sure to also check out our science gift shop. Plan your family adventure today!


What ages are most appropriate? Almost every age will learn something at the MESS Hall, if they bring their imagination. Our general audience is in grades 1-6. Younger learners will find more appropriate activities during our Questioning Corner programs. The science content of the MESS Hall challenges teens and adults who are excited to make discoveries. We also offer special programs for adults and volunteer programs for high schoolers.

Who pays admission? The MESS Hall charges admission for everyone ages 3 and up, including adults. All children until 16 must be accompanied by an adult ages 18 or older. The admission is gated, so everyone pays for entry, whether you plan to engage in the activities or not. If your kids don’t draw you into their activities, the puzzles will get you thinking.

Is the facility stroller friendly? Yes! While our front entrance has stairs, we have an accessible ramp to a side door with a doorbell if you don’t want to try to navigate the stairs.

How long can we stay on a visit? The typical visitor stays about 2 hours, but many stay for the whole day. You admission is good for the day, so you can leave and then return in later in the day.

Can we visit when there is a camp? Absolutely. The campers are in a separate classroom, and the rest of the museum operates as usual.

Do you have programs for homeschool families? We offer a variety of programs for home school families, including home school field trips and workshops.