2019 MESS Hall Summer Camps

Ignite scientific curiosity with themed camps this summer!
Weeklong, half-day camps explore a variety of topics. Find our schedule and theme descriptions below.

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Weeklong, half day camps are $100 Members / $125 Non-Members.
Single half day camps (Science Sampler) are $25/half day (full day add-on available for $25/day).
Full day, weeklong camps with First City Art Center are $200 Members / $250 Non-Members.
New this year! Add a lunch hour (12 PM – 1 PM) for $32/$40 Members/Non-Members each week.

Grade Levels

Our camps are broken into different grade levels so we can best meet the needs of the participants. Camps are designed with the physical (i.e., fine motor) and social development of the students in mind. All students will be challenged at their academic/intellectual level. Therefore, we do not make exceptions to the grade level cut-offs, unless grouping a student with younger kids based on social/physical development is requested.

Member Discounts

If you are a member and have not received your discount code, please contact usBecome a member today, or renew, for a 20% discount on all camps!

Referral Perks
New for this summer, receive $10 off per referral you make! When someone signs up for camp, they’ll be asked to include your email as a referral. As a thank you from us, you’ll get $10 off of your next camp registration, or a rebate for already-enrolled young scientists.

Week AM Camp
9 AM – noon
Grade Level PM Camp
1 PM – 4 PM
Grade Level
5/28 to 5/31 Science Sampler 1-6 Full Day Option 1-6
6/3 to 6/7 Rockin’ Out 1-3 Code Academy 4-7
6/10 to 6/14 Inventor’s Workshop 1-3, 4-7 Full Day with FCAC
6/17 to 6/21 Light It Up! 1-3, 4-7 Full Day with FCAC
6/24 to 6/28 Lab Ratz 1-3 Lab Ratz 4-7
7/1 to 7/3  Science Sampler (3 days) 1-6 Full Day Option 1-6
7/8 to 7/12 Space Explorers 1-3 Space Explorers 4-7
7/15 to 7/19 Nature Ramble 1-3 Nature Ramble 4-7
7/22 to 7/26 Water Works 1-3 Engineering and Architecture 4-7
7/29 to 8/2 Robot Set Code 1-3 Robot Set Code 4-7

Science Sampler: These single day camps explore the range of scientific disciplines. A menu of options gives campers a choice for discovery

Rockin Out: Investigate the world of geology, ecology, and earth science.

Inventor’s Workshop: Do you have what it takes to innovate? Can you evaluate a product and then turn it into something new and improved? Try your hand at the creative world of engineering innovations. Full Day Camp in Partnership with First City Art Center.

Light It Up!: How do we make and perceive light? What is it made of? Find out as you create. Full Day Camp in Partnership with First City Art Center.              

Nature Ramble: Explore the world of living things during this week. It’s a blast of biology whether on land or in the sea.

Space Troopers: Make it your mission to explore the universe

Water Works: If it’s wet, we do it! For grades 1-3.

Engineering and Architecture: Build big, span distances, make it attractive.                                          

Lab Ratz: Kids lead the exploration, following their curiosity about math, engineering, and science.

Robot, Set, Code: Mix computer coding and robots for a week of delving into what makes a robot go. Both unplugged and plugged activities are planned with either Dash and Dot or Lego Mindstorms.